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Scenario - a series of expected or unexpected events
A colleague is killed in a crach on a business trip

How do you handle it in your organization?

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Scenario training

Scenario training using realistic scenarios for practice or organization is an effective model to evaluate the ability of organizations or individuals.

The most difficult form of practice to handle the training is a dynamic event process, in which the practiced unit has great freedom of action in the choice of method to solve the emerging situation and, in addition, get the consequences of its action.

Our conviction is that it is the method that together with a professional evaluation, and about the practiced organization, desires professional guidance, which provides the most realistic test of an organization's real ability. If an organization exercises and evaluates itself alone, it is possible to practice an exercise pattern that in the worst case is counterproductive when an unforeseen situation occurs.

Expeditionary has extensive experience in organizing and running and evaluating realistic scenario training in different environments.

We have 27 years of experience in driving realistic scenario training.

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