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If you are to consolidate an organization´s ability to cope with an emerging situation,
then you must practise until you succeed - and keep that picture -
then the staff will remember how to solve an emerging situation.

Do not think about what went wrong when you did not succeed!

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How do you check your crisis and contingency plans?

To begin with, of course, the plans should be updated and known by management and those included in a possible crisis group. Otherwise, you should start with it before you try the plans.

Time and ambition obviously govern how and how often you can practice. There are two requested outcomes regardless of the type of exercise.
  • To consolidate with the skilled staff an ability to handle an emerging situation in their role
  • An evaluation of plans, personnel, equipment and organization aimed at drawing conclusions about continuing training and updating needs.


If a qualitative evaluation is not included as a natural element, the risk is that you practice an incorrect behavior or make incorrect conclusions.

Expeditionary offers services across the scale from seminar exercises (table top) in discussion form to major applied simulation exercises with figurants. We also offer expert evaluation at different management and implementation levels. We see that it is important to get an effect of the training sessions you receive, why an exercise must be adapted to the conditions of the staff and organization and to the goals you want to achieve.

Exposing the organization to seminars alone will mean that you do not reach all the way and exposing the organization to a high degree of application can lead to erroneous conclusions.

Our experience in conducting and evaluating exercises extends 27 years back in time.

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